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« : Janar 04, 2009, 01:37:00 MD »

An Egyptian Tale


 A young couple is running fast, towards the roaring helicopter standing nearby. Two people in the chopper meet the young couple. They are in a hurry, as the pilot looks around anxiously to see if the ground is clear for take off.
   “I don’t think this is a good idea Anna. The pilot says that the forecast wasn’t very clear. We will have bad weather. He doesn’t think we will be able to leave fast, because the airport might be closed in these conditions.”  The man standing next to the dark haired woman said.
   “We have to go. You know that I can’t spend another day without seeing our little Chiara. We promised that we would be there for her birthday, Lucious.” she replied to her husband.
The chopper took off and headed for the airport in Rome that was going to send them to their most precious possession. They rushed through customs quickly after people realised who the couple was. The Prince and Princess of Egypt, though it was not them who ruled the country. They were only ruling a small tribe in the endless dessert of the Sahara. Small though it was, it still held great power in its hands because its rulers were all of royal background.
The weather was horrible, thunder and lightning, was ripping the sky. Even though it was relatively early, the light of the sun was hidden, behind the dense clouds, which would any moment now start pouring rain. Lucious was looking out of the window of the waiting area; he saw that the rays of the sun escaped the grey, clouds. Now the sun and the rain were mixing together. This sign bothered Lucious; it was bad luck to witness this weather phenomenon. He felt Anna’s hand on his shoulder, and turned around to look on his wife’s beautiful face.
“What is bothering you?” she said looking at him.
   “Nothing, my love.” He said putting his arm around her.
   “You look troubled, Lucious. I thought everything went according to plan didn’t it?” Anna asked
   “Yeah, it did.” He said.
   “Then will you tell me what is bothering you? Oh, we’re going to go right? They aren’t closing the airport yet are they Lucious?” she asked anxiously.
   “No, they aren’t. Don’t worry. Everything is fine. We will be there in time, before she goes to sleep.”
A tall, powerfully built man was walking towards them. Lucious stepped away from his wife and went to speak with him. He signalled to Anna to go to him. “The plane is ready Anna, we should be going soon.” He said as he took her hand in his. They boarded the plane without any trouble, and were heading for Egypt. It was going to take awhile for them to reach their destination. Anna was looking out of the window at the darkened sky, as the pouring rain started to fall mercilessly. As she was standing there, sleep crept over her.
She woke with the strangest feeling in her heart, like she was missing a part of herself. She didn’t see anyone around; Luscious wasn’t there in the chair opposite hers, where she had seen him before falling asleep. She got up and went to the toilet but she felt awfully weak like she had a heavy burden on her shoulders. As she was walking back to her seat, she felt a sharp metallic object nudging her, and a hideous, male voice saying
   “I got you now my beautiful Anna and I won’t let go.”
   “Where is Lucious?” she asked trying to keep her voice calm.
   “He’s got what he deserved.” The man answered
   “What have you done to him?” she asked, turning to see who this man was. “Alan? What are you doing?” she asked, terrified that he might have hurt Lucious.
   “Taking what is mine.” He said huskily, bringing her into close contact with him. “Trying to take you away from me. Who did he think he was? But you my darling, you will come with me as it was foreseen.” He said to her ear.
   “What was foreseen cannot always happen Alan. I was promised to another, not you. Please, you must understand, these are our laws.”
She could feel his foul breath on her neck, and it made her want to retch from disgust.
She had to think, oh God what had happened to Lucious? Just as the thought crossed through her mind she saw Lucious’ dishevelled figure, standing on the doorway next to the cockpit signalling her to keep quiet. She nodded in comprehension. Luscious crept from behind Alan and as he was about to hit him with the metal pole he was holding.
   “What are you looking at?” Alan asked and whirled pointing the gun at Luscious, who was only two feet away from him.     
   “Alan! Please! Don’t do anything stupid.” Anna begged, touching his arm. That action seemed to bring him to his senses and for a moment he lowered his gun and started laughing. He let go of Anna and she ran to Luscious, who gathered her in his arms.
   “I’m sorry I don’t know what got over me. It’s just that I can’t bear the thought of you not being with me Anna.” He said looking at them both from his very sweaty face. He shrugged as if not knowing what to do. “I mean, you two fit together. You,” he said pointing at Lucious. “Have a very beautiful, little girl, who should have been mine!” he said maliciously, and with hatred written all over his face, he gave a shrilling laugh and shot Luscious on his chest. Anna stayed there thunderstruck looking at Alan horror written across her face. She knelt down beside Luscious’ lifeless form lying on the floor, and took him in her arms.
   “Lucious? Open your eyes.” She whispered tears streaming in her cheeks. She looked at Alan and said. “He won’t open his eyes, Alan tell him to open his eyes. Please tell him. Lucious, I beg you. This is not funny anymore. Please!” she said hugging him close to her, and rocking him in her arms. She stayed there with him in her arms, fixing his hair whispering to him incomprehensive things that even she could not make sense of what she was saying.
    Alan was looking at her and said “You are mine now. Finally I can have what Luscious does not.” He was smiling feeling content with himself. He walked to where she was, and lifted her chin so that she could look at him. “Oh don’t cry. Don’t cry for him. He is not worth your tears. You have me now to look after you and little Chiara.” He said kissing her brow.
   Anna was looking at him completely calm and said “No. You are not going anywhere near my daughter. And as for looking after me, you can forget it; I’m going to have your head for what you have done.” She said trying to get up. As she did so she felt a terrible sharp pain on her head and everything blurred; all that was left was darkness. 


Glory is like a circle in the water,
Which never ceaseth to enlarge itself,
Till by broad spreading it disperses to naught.
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